Aviemore Primary School and ELC


Management Team:
Head Teacher: Mrs W Holton
Depute Head: Miss E MacCallum
Acting Principal Teacher (ASN): Miss E Killan
Principal Teacher: Mrs R Blackhall

Learning Support Teachers:

Miss E Killan
Mrs T Lewis
Mrs K Johnson
Mrs A Johnstone

Secretary: Miss J Gordon
FM Team Leader: Mr Short
FM Assistants: Mr Gibb and Mr Mattheson

Core Teachers:
Mrs R Blackhall
Mrs G Tannock-Josey
Miss E Ross
Mrs L MacDonald
Mrs C McMaster
Mrs S McIntyre
Mrs S Pentland
Mrs A Hull
Mrs A Wilson
Mrs J Creber
Miss J Fleming
Mrs S O'Brien
Miss E MacCallum

Cook-in-Charge: Miss K Fraser
Cooks: Mrs I Bell, Mrs P Kerr and Mrs S Musgrove

Cleaning Operatives: Ms C Boyd, Mrs I Bell, Mr J Addy and Mrs S Musgrove.

Visiting Staff
EAL: Ms A Roy Educational Psychologist: Ms J Fraser-Smith
Violin: Mr J Rutter School Nurse: Mrs J Johnson
Chanter: Mr L Barclay Community Paediatrician: Dr C Livingston Health Visitor: Mrs M Bentley
Physical Education: Mrs A Trinder Children's Service Worker: Miss K Cameron
Physiotherapist: Mrs J Pickering Occupational Therapist: Mrs S Lowther
Speech and Language Therapist: Ms J Hill Primary Mental Health: Mrs G Sermanni
  Ms R Forren Vision Support: Mrs P Moncur